The national seed programme was established in 1984 as the National Seed and Plant Programme (NASEPP) under the Ministry of Agriculture. The NASEPP was responsible to produce and supply certified seeds and plants of recommended and released varieties to the farmers. In 1995, NASEPP was corporatized and instituted Druk Seed Corporation (DSC) with an additional commercial mandate. As corporation, DSC was responsible to generate revenue and sustain its operation from its own revenue from the sale of seeds, seedlings and agricultural inputs.  In March 2010 DSC was reverted back as National Seed Centre under Department of Agriculture. Currently, NSC is pursuing both social and commercial responsibilities which were inherited from the erstwhile Druk Seed Corporation.

Production and supply of seeds/planting materials and agricultural inputs is coordinated by the NSC headquarter located at Chundudingkha, Paro and the activities are implemented by the regional farms; Paro (Chundudingkha, Jeuphu, Bondey), Wangdue (Bajo, Phobjikha) Bumthang(Nangsiphel), Tashiyangtse ( Jachedphu and Chenary) , Sarpang (Bhur  Farm) and the fertilizer store at Phuntsholing.

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