The First Managing Director 

Mr. Jambay Dorji 

He worked in the National Seed and Plant Program (NASEPP) under MoA with late Dasho Keiji Nishioka. In 1995 NASEPP was corporatized and instituted as Druk Seed Corporation where he continued as Managing Director and served till Feb, 1999.  




The Second Managing Director

Mr. Jambay Dorjee

He joined Druk Seed Corporation as the Managing Director on March 1999 and has served over a period of about 3 years, till December, 2002.


 The Third Managing Director

Mr. Pirthiman Pradhan 

He joined Druk Seed Corporation as Managing Director on 1st Feb, 2003. He served for a period of about 6 years, till 17th Feb, 2009. Thereafter he was appointed as commissioner till 4th April, 2014. 


The First Program Director

Mr. Karma Nidup 

He was appointed as first program Director on 15th November, 2010 after DSC was reverted to the government under DOA. He served till Nov 14, 2011. Thereafter he was appointed as a CEO of Food Corporation of Bhutan. 

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