Seed Processing & Quality Control Division

Brief Profile

The Seed Processing & Quality Control Division under the then NASEPP was established in 1987 with financial support from JICA to regulate and carry out quality control tests to assure supply of  quality seeds of cereals & vegetables to Bhutanese farmers and other clients. Currently, the division is headed by the Post Production Officer and there are three Laboratory technicians. 


  • To conduct quality test analysis at regular intervals for moisture content, germination & physical purity of the seeds.
  • To process raw seed with desirable moisture content for storage.
  • To package the seeds (Cereals & Vegetables) as per the demand for supply to the Dzongkhags, ASSRs and clients.

Cereal seed packaging process


Pre cleaning

Fine cleaning

Gravity grading

Weighing & Bagging


Vegetable seed packing process


Vegetable seed packing

Vegetable photo sticker

Seed packet label

Vegetable seed sets


Quality test anlaysis



Moisture content

Germination test

Physical  purity test


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