Regional Seed Centre, Jachedphu


Jachedphu farm was established in 1968 and it is located in Tashi yangtse Dzongkhag at an altitude of around 1910 masl and has an area of 39.44 acres. The farm which was closed during the erstwhile Druk Seed Corporation was re-opened in 2011. Currently, the farm is managed by Regional Manager and assisted by 4 staffs. The area is suitable for mid altitude crops and vegetable seed production. The farm also has RSGs for maize seeds located in Dremetse (Mongar),  Shongphu (Trashigang) and  (Nanong) Pemagatshel Dzongkhags.


  • Focal farm for maize and soya bean seed production
  • Responsible for production of vegetable seeds (cauliflower, mustard green, peas, cucumber, zucchini, radish, pumpkin, brinjal, beans, garlic)
  • Production of high altitude citrus planting materials and passion fruit seedlings
  • Production and maintenance of basic and foundation seeds of focal crops.
  • Processing, packaging and supply of maize, soya bean and other cereals.
  • Responsible for production of certified seeds of focal crops in collaboration with the Registered Seed Growers of eastern region (Tashi Yangtse, Lhuentse, Mongar, Tashigang and Pemagatshel Dzongkhags).