Production Section

Production Division is one of the technical divisions of National Seed Centre located in Chundudingkha Head Quarter, Paro. The Division is headed by Principal Agriculture Officer (General Manager)  who acts as the bridge between different production farms and the Program Director for all matters related to production programs and farm activities.

Mandate and functions:

The Production division has the overall mandate to produce and meet in-country farmers’ demand for quality certified seeds and plants of recommended and released varieties of cereals, vegetables and fruit plants in close collaboration with the Production farms, Marketing Division and RSGs.

Major responsibilities:

  • Responsible for co-ordination and development of annual work plan of farms and RSGs for seeds/seedlings production.
  • Responsible for technical supervisions of Agriculture/Horticulture seeds/seedlings development programmes.
  • Documentation and publication of pamphlets, brochures and other information sharing materials.
  • Develop and produce annual report and other technical guidance documents of the National Seed Centre and implementation in the field.
  • To liaise with other divisions and work towards achievement of annual work plan and targets set.

Seeds and Seedlings production is carried out in various farms of National Seed Centres. In total there are eight seed production farms located in five Dzongkhags namely Chundudingkha Glass House, Bondey and Jewphu Farms in Paro, Bajo and Phubjikha farms in Wangdiphodrang, Bhur farm in Sarpang, Nangsiphel farm in Bumthang, Jachedphu farm in Tashiyangtse.

Number of staff: 1 (one) – Principal Agriculture Officer (GM Production)