Samtenling Farm


The Regional Seed Centre, Samtenling (Bhur) was initially opened as Regional Agricultural Research Station in 1969. Over the last four decades the centre went through different functional set-ups. The production of planting materials started as National Seeds & Plants Program (NSPP), then Druk Seed Corporation and currently as National Seed Centre.


To be a vibrant, dynamic and sustainable centre, ensuring national Seed Security through production of high quality seeds and planting materials.


To produce and promote high quality seeds, planting materials and other agricultural inputs in adequate quantities and at affordable price to improve the livelihood of the farmers.


  • Responsible for production & supply of high quality & adequate quantity of planting materials of sub-tropical fruits, nuts, spices, vegetables and cereal crops at an affordable price.
  • To specialize in maintaining and multiplying basic and foundation seeds, Elite Progeny Orchards and Nursery


  • Facilitate Sales & Services Representatives (SSR) for timely and adequate supply of agricultural inputs like fertilizers and herbicides at an affordable rate until it is privatized.
  • Co-ordinate in enhancement of public participation in production of quality planting materials through Registered Seed Growers (RSGs), Private Nursery Growers (PNGs) & Community Based Seed Production (CBSP).
  • Conduct studies related to propagation of planting materials


The regional centre has 77.57 acres of land managed by five technical & two support staff with 33 farm laborers. After the reversion of Druk Seed Corporation to National Seed Centre as one of the programs under the Department of Agriculture, facilities like permanent Insect-proof citrus & large Cardamom propagation houses, internal irrigation facilities, compound fencing, Mother blocks with tagged varieties on Mango, Litchi, Guava, Areca nut, Banana and large cardamom have been established.  Elite Progeny Orchard which provides the clients to choose their preferred varieties has also been established.  The office which was built in late 60s has been renovated and modest facilities are in place.


Sl. # Name of the crop Botanical name Variety
A. Cereal  
Rice Oryza sativa Bhur Ray Kaap-1 & 2, Bhur Kambja-1 & 2, BR-26 &28
B. Fruits  
Dragon fruit Pitaya blanca Gewaringpa 1
Papaya Carica papayae Local
Jack fruit Artocarpus heterophyllus Local
Mango Mangifera indica Bajo Aumchukali-1, 2, & 3.
Litchi Litchi chinensis Beedana, Muzafarpur, Bhur selection
Banana Musa spp. Jazi, Chinichampa
Guava Psidium guajava Bebsew Shakha, Bajo Bebsew, L-49,
Avocado Persea Americana Mill Hass, Bacon, Zutano
Pomegranate Punica granatum Beedana
Passion fruit Passiflora edulis Local
Pine apple Annas comosus  Queen
C. Nuts  
Areca nut Areca catechu Bhur selection
D. Spices  
Large cardamom Amomum sabulatum Varlangay
E. Vegetable  
  Watermelon Citrullus lanatus Sugar baby