Bondey farm was established in March, 1966 by late Dasho keji Nishoka for the production of the vegetables and others horticulture crops for improving the livelihood and nutrition of Bhutanese people. With the establishment of Bondey Farm, agriculture development activities increased with introduction of vegetables, fruits and farm mechanization in the agriculture farming practices of Bhutan. The farm is located at Bondey next to Agriculture Machinery Centre at an altitude of 2200masl. In 2014-15 financial year, the farm has developed about 4 acres area for seed production with provision of improved pump irrigation facility. The farm is presently managed by two staffs and 10 ESP and has total area of 13 acres.


  1. Focal Farm for the production of vegetables seeds, (Radish, cabbage, B. onion, Beans).
  2. production of strawberry runners
  3. Production of asparagus seedlings.
  4. Responsible for the production of certified seeds (Pea, beans, chili, cucumber and asparagus seedlings) in collaboration with the Registered Seed Grower of Paro Dzongkhag.
  5. Management of Pear mother block.

Farm facilities

  1. Glass house 4 Nos
  2. Power Tiller 1 No
  3. Drying shed 1 No
  4. Store 1 No
SI. No. Crops Variety
1 Asparagus Mary Washington
2 Bean Borlotto
3 Bunching onion No.21
4 Cabbage Golden acre
5 Chilli Sha-ema
6 Coriander local
7 Japanese Green Taisai
8 Radish SPTN
9 Pea Arkel/ Usui
10 Pole bean White
11 Spinach Leaf beet
12 Strawberry Chandler
13 Cucumber Shabi genchu