Seeds and seedlings production activities in the National Seed Centre Head office were started in the glass houses and in the space available in the Head Office under Chundudingkha farm in 1985 during Late Dasho  Keiji Nishioka, a senior Colombo Plan Expert. Chundudingkha farm has a total of 23.90 acres area including glass house and other plantation and seed production area.  The area was mainly developed for the production of vegetable seeds. The farm is presently managed by a farm manger who is an agriculture diploma of CNR, RUB and 10 NWFs.


  • Chundudingkha farm is responsible for production of temperate fruit plants mainly walnut and persimmon grafts in the glass houses.
  • Production of vegetable seeds (brinjal and spinach).
  • Production of straw berry runners.
  • Production of high altitude rice (Khangma Maap, Yusi Ray Maap, Yusi Ray Kaap) in the farmers’ field under RSG scheme.
  • Production of peas and beans under RSG program
  • Loading and unloading of seeds for distribution to farmers

Farm facilities:

Glass houses:  5 nos.

Tractor :           1 no.

Power Tiller :   1 no.

Aeroponic facility (part of Tissue culture laboratory) : 2 nos.