The Central Fertilizer Store, Phuentsholing was initially established as the main fertilizer store under Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture in 1967. Over the last many years, the fertilizer store functioned and operated under various institutional set-ups. In 1995, when NASEEPP was corporatized as Druk Seed Corporation, the Central Fertilizer Store was separated from the Department of Agriculture and was given under the management of Druk
Seed Corporation in 1996 as the revenue generating support for Druk Seed to sustain financially. Since then, the Central Fertilizer Store was functional and managed under Druk Seed from 1996 till 2010. And in 2010, Druk Seed was reverted back to National Seed Centre under Department of Agriculture and so is the fertilizer store. Despite many institutional changes, the main responsibilities and functions of fertilizer store has been fulfilled to the best
of ability.


  • Responsible for supply and distribution of high quality of chemicals fertilizers on time to the Bhutanese farmers as per crop seasons and
    time schedule.
  •  To carry out repacking of chemical fertilizers into smaller packages (10 kg urea and 20 kg suphala) to cater the requirements of the Bhutanese farmers across the country.
SL No. Type of fertilizer Chemical Composition Remarks
1 Suphala (NPK) 15:15:15 (NPK) Fertilizers  are  procured  and  supplied  to  all  20 Dzongkhags through ASSRs as per the demand and seasons.
2 Urea 46 % Nitrogen
3 SSP (Single Super Phosphate) 16 % Phosphorous
4 MOP (Muriate of Potash) 60% Potassium
5 DAP 18% Nitrogen, 46% Phosphorus
6 Bonemeal 20 % Phosphorous
7 CAN 25 % Nitrogen
8 Borax 20 % Boron

Facilities & infrastructure:

Presently, the Fertilizer Store is managed by Store Manager and support staff and waged labours for loading and unloading.

Staff                                                                   – 4 nos.

Permanent building (2 storied)               – 1 no. (Office)

Fertilizer Store                                                – 1 nos.