Seed Input/Marketing Section


The sales and supply of seeds/planting materials and agricultural inputs is being coordinated by the NSC headquarter located at Chundudingkha, Paro and the activities are implemented by the regional farms; Paro (Chundudingkha, Jeuphu & Bondey), Bajo (Bajo, Phobjikha, Nangsiphel), Yangtse (Jachedphu) and Bhur and the fertilizer store at P/ling.

The demand collection & sales forecast of all sales related of farm produce, import and even export are the main roles lead by the marketing.

However, the centre behaves as business oriented service centre where we have to fulfill both the social and commercial mandates.


The Centre is mandated to function as the “National Seed Grid” to meet the in-country farmers’ demand for quality certified seeds and plants of recommended and released varieties, and other agricultural inputs including fertilizers at affordable price to the Bhutanese farmers.


  • Strengthen to work closely with all farms and clients to curve the mismatch of demand and supply
  • Arrange seeds and seedlings through Farms, RSGs and import from reputable seed dealers to supply to the fields as per the season
  • Supply of seeds/seedlings and fertilizers based on the interest of clients so that centre can generate higher income.


As an annual event, Marketing Division take up the lead role in demand indentation and supply of Seeds, planting materials and fertilizers through Dzongkhags, Gewogs, projects/central programs and ASSRs.  The existing and past sales records will be used specifically for planning purposes. Divisions and commodity coordinators shall be consulted and the sales trend judgment experiences will be used for preparing and forecast realistic annual plan

Future Plan/Way forward 

  • To import only hybrid and to minimize import of Open Pollinated varieties
  • To curve the gap of supply and demand
  • To encourage exporting some of the open pollinated commodities (eg. Cauliflower and Cabbage)