Phobjikha Farm

Climate and Location

Phobjikha farm is located at an altitude of 2980masl. It experiences cool summer with maximum temp of 17 degree and cold winter with minimum temp of -4 degree. Phobjikha farm is one of the sub branch of National seed Centre ad falls under regional farm Bajo. The farm is about 73km away from Bajo town. The national seed center Phobjikha farm mainly deals with the production of seed potato and turnip seed.

Farm mandate

  • To maintain the pure foundation seeds of seed potato in generation wise from tissue culture micro tuber production and
  • To produce quantitative quality foundation seed potato for the fulfillment of national food sufficiency.

Functions and service availability

  • Collects certified seed potato from farmers and supply to Dzongkhags.
  • Cultivate seed potato (4 varieties) and turnip seed (PTWG) in farm.
  • Inspects farmer’s seed potato field.
  • Collaborate with National Potato Program in in doing trial for the production of new clones. 

Crops and programs

  1. On station
  • The farm has approximately about 67 acres of land including the colony area. The farm grows about four varieties of seed potato (Desiree, Nangsiphel Kewa Kaap, Yusi Maap and Khangma Kaap) and Turnip (PTWG). The farm in collaboration with ARDC Bajo also grows Quinoa (Amarilla Marangani) and beet root (trail crop).
  1. RSG programs (Registered Seed Growers)
  • Identification of interested and progressive farmers to initiate collection of seeds.
  • Inspection of fields of Registered Seed Growers.
  • Provide knowledge on seed quality maintenance and plantation. 


In the due course of time period the farm have achieved increased farm land under cultivation and also increased farm production despite limited man force and hardships. The farm has also achieved success in the collection of many metric tons of potato seed.